Give A #HiFive4Sarah

Imagine racing along on a run through Golden Gate Park when out of nowhere a “high five” flies your way. A vibrant young woman is running towards you, yelling words of encouragement and offering her outreached hand to you in anticipation of a “high five.” Before you know it, your hand is in contact with hers as she runs past you in the opposite direction, and suddenly a surprising thing happens — you feel a bit of a spring in your step, an involuntary smile on your face, and you swear you are running faster.

If you’re a runner in San Francisco, chances are that you experienced a “Hi Five From Sarah”.  During conversations with Sarah, she shared her passion for running, and for motivating others with “high fives” on her runs. She spoke with sheer joy of the happiness she felt when surprising random runners with a high five.

As a foundation, we have adopted Sarah’s random act of joy as one of our outreach methods.  We encourage runners everywhere to give a “Hi Five 4 Sarah” to random strangers.  Run fast, focus on your receiver, and yell “hi five” as the goodness lands on them.  And, if they ask why, tell them it’s For A Good Koss.